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Professionals in the field since 1967, at Contelettrich we work only with the best materials, overseeing the production cycle in its entirety- from raw material selection to shipment.
We have semi-rigid rivets available in a range of materials as per customer's needs, in standard UNI-DIN cylindrical or flush-mounted styles, or in design-standard sizes. Our tapping and self-tapping rivets are available in both standard and drawing material sizes. We also have self-tapping rivets in raw or tropicalised iron for the specific needs of the automotive industry.
Rivets are also available in standard UNI-DIN flush and cylindrical head sizes, even in small quantities, and can be custom made in various sizes to suit your needs.
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Semi-rigid rivets

Our semi-rigid rivets work to bind together different elements: they are applied by rebalancing, so that the perimeter of the perforated part extends and holds several thicknesses securely. For this reason, they are versatile and used in many industrial sectors, from the automotive industry to mechanics, tools, furnishing and jewellery. We have a wide range of semi-rigid rivets available in standard sizes in UNI-DIN with cylindrical or flared design, as well as in all materials: iron, for the cheapest rivets, stainless steel for use in conditions at risk of oxidation, aluminium - light for special weight requirements, copper to maintain electrical conductivity and avoid rust, and brass for particular aesthetic results, such as in the tap fitting and hardware sector.
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In the automotive sector, but also in more traditional mechanics, or in urban or wrought-iron furnishings, massive rivets play an essential role in assembling product parts. To improve the grip on the parts to be retained, they are often provided with a suitable head, that is, a knurl that avoids the blank rotation of the rivet itself and thus maintains more tightly the different thicknesses. Rivets are also available, in the case of materials with holes of different sizes, with double and triple stems. Available stock sizes are both UNI-DIN standard, flush and cylindrical head sizes, even in small quantities, and those especially made for drawing. All are available in a complete range of materials - iron, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass.

Tapping and self-tapping rivets

Used for the assembly of smaller industry items these rivets are applied not with the use of large machines but with a simple gun, which makes assembly very simple. Tapping and self-tapping rivets are essential when it is necessary to work blind- ie when there is no access to certain parts of the product being produced. They are composed of a nail and a bush; While the second holds, the first is used to cling, and cut automatically to fit so as not to emerge from the piece. In addition to the classic automotive and utensil sectors, for example, they are also used in the manufacture of pliers, and they have particular application areas such as with lattoneria, where brass nails are used in the production of guttering.
Self-tapping rivets are used to ensure an excellent seal. Their characteristics means they present, on the outside, a special helical machining, which makes them cling on more strongly; They are typically used in the application of nameplates to machine tools.
To complete the frame there are then threaded inserts, which perform the double function of retaining together different thicknesses and allow the screwing of a piece into the threaded hole specifically. Threaded inserts are normally used in the furniture trade or automotive industry.
Both tapping rivets and self-tapping rivets are available in our warehouse, in all standard sizes and materials (ie stainless steel or galvanized steel, aluminium, copper and brass) or can be made by design; We also have anodized, hermetic or varnished models. For special applications in the automotive industry, we also have self-tapping rivets in raw or tropicalised iron, as per table UNI 7346-74.
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