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Metal hardware

There are a huge variety of elements that come together under the collective and generic title "metallic hardware". Both in shape, material, size and design, there are hundreds and hundreds of different hardware products, each of which will ultimately have the fundamental role of retaining different components in the assembly of a finished product. To meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, we offer not only standard metal hardware products, but also tailor-made designs that are suitable for moulding, turning, grinding and plating. This means an infinite range of screws, bolts and special nails are possible made in any material- from stainless steel to iron, aluminium, copper and brass.
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Tubes and eyelets

Among the many possible assembly tools, the category of tubes and eyelets - which includes a range of elements - is of particular importance in all cases where joining materials are not made from metal. In fact, tubular rivets and eyelets are also used in the plumbing and hydraulics field. But we see their maximum exploitation in the leather and footwear manufacturing industry, with clothing production and even in the nautical field. The family of products we have available includes rivets and double rivets, tubes, wicker or faston and bushings all available in both stainless steel and copper, brass and aluminium, and with varnished finishes for every possible application need.
contatti in argento minuteria
tubolari ed occhielli

Silver contacts

In the electrical and electromechanical industries, contact points for current passage are often required. Among the many possible examples of this, the construction of Relays and Teleruttori is one example of this, with such contacts fundamental to production. TheThere are just two technical options in this instance: it is possible to use massive silver contacts, which are safe but significantly cheaper, or copper-silver bimetallic contacts, which combine very good performance with significantly reduced cost. We have both silver contacts and bimetal contacts available even in small quantities. Silver-nickel or silver-cadmium oxide alloy contacts are also available on special request.

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