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Since 1967, CONTELETTRICH has been producing quality metal hardware goods for sale throughout Italy.
Our 50 years of experience as small metal hardware manufacturers with the highest level of craftsmanship has seen us grow as a company. Now, as well as producing our range of superior products CONTELETTRICH has developed important hardware features such as elasticity and management agility. Our relationship with customers is intuitive and friendly, and we respond to customer needs quickly and efficiently.
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About us

CONTELETTRICH has been active in the hardware market since 1967. In that 50 years, we have been consistently developing and producing new and more innovative designs and products, always with the aim of quality excellence.
The production process is strictly controlled at every stage by our professional and dedicated staff- from the selection of raw materials to dispatching the finished product, which we undertake quickly and punctually. We are at your disposal to provide any further information about our products and to examine and resolve any manufacturing problems or specific application needs as they arise.
If you have any queries, call us now on 02 9600569!
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Materials and treatments

Materials: Iron, steel, aluminium, copper, brass, silver;
Plating: zinc, nickel, chrome, brass, copper plating, coating, anodizing, burnishing, tin, silver, gold and electro;
Treatments: Thermal annealing;
Packaging: Polypropylene bags or cartons on request. 
Service: 360 ​​degrees from design to finish.

For a free quote, call us on +39 02 9600569!

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